Admission in Bachelor Of Physiotherapy Colleges in Bangalore [BPT Course]

Admission in Bachelor Of Physiotherapy Colleges in Bangalore [BPT Course]

Bachelor of Physiotherapy is a 4-year undergraduate course, including compulsory 6 months of clinical internship, and involving the science of physical movement aimed at preventing disease and disability.

  • BPT or Bachelor of Physiotherapy is an undergraduate Academic Course in a Medical Science Field known as Physiotherapy. … There are various Physical Therapy Colleges which offer Physiotherapy Courses. … There is a Common Entrance Test (CET) for the course in Bachelor of Physiotherapy …
  • Eligibility‎ | ‎10+2 or Equivalent
  • Type‎ | ‎Degree
  • Duration‎ |  ‎4½ Years

Bachelor Of Physiotherapy (BPT) Course: Admission Process

Interested eligible candidates are offered admission to the course in India mostly on the basis of performance in a relevant institute-specific entrance test. Often subsequently, two additional rounds of Group Discussion and Personal Interview are held for assessment of the candidate’s general aptitude for the course.

Listed here are some of the top entrance examinations carried out in the country for admission to the course.

  • CET (Common Entrance Test)
  • Guru Govind Indraprastha University Physiotherapy Entrance Exam
  • JIPMER All India Entrance Exam.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy: Who should opt?

Aspiring eligible candidates having adequate patience, compassion for the sick and injured, and significant physical stamina, are ideally suited for the course. Such candidates would ideally be excellent at interpersonal skills in order to counsel patients who may not always respond quickly.

A physiotherapist rehabilitates patients by helping them improve their physical movement. They treat people who are injured or disabled in order to recover full function and movement. It’s both cure and prevention focused, and requires in-depth anatomical and musculoskeletal knowledge. Therapy usually covers:

  1. Exercise
  2. Massage
  3. Stretching
  4. Medication

He is an instructor in a health centre or wellness centre; he is a sort of doctor in some hospital. Also, He is destined to various roles to perform depending upon the circumstances in front of him.

  • Physiotherapists are required to maintain close physical contact with their patients; they must not shy away from such closeness, or be unwilling to demonstrate exercise methodology.
  • Compassion, empathy, friendliness, good communication and patience are a must.
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What Does a physiotherapist Do?

  • Use therapeutic agents like heat, radiation, electricity, water, massage and exercise to cure weak muscles and restore joint movements
  • Treat muscular aberrations, such as caused in polio, cerebral palsy muscle, joint and bone injuries, chest and heart diseases, etc. in patients of all ages
  • Work for burn patients for the prevention of abnormal scarring and restricted movement
  • Work for reviving movement and developing operational independence in stroke patients
  • Test, measure and treat neurological, pulmonary, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular conditions caused due to illness, injury or congenital disorders
  • Treat healed fracture of bones, sprain, neurological disorders caused by trauma, infection, paralysis etc
  • Physical therapists specialize in cardiopulmonary, clinical electrophysiological, neurologic, pediatric, geriatric and sports physical therapy

What is the qualification for Bachelor of Physiotherapy?

  • To practice as a physiotherapist, you must be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). To register with the HCPC, you first need to successfully complete an approved degree level qualification in physiotherapy. This may be a full or part-time course or a degree apprenticeship in physiotherapy.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy Colleges Ranked By The Direct Admission

  1. Ramaiah Medical College | Department Of Physiotherapy | Bangalore
  2. Kempegowda Institute of Physiotherapy | KIPT Bangalore
  3. R V College Of Physiotherapy | RVCP Bangalore
  4. Dayananda Sagar College Of Physiotherapy | Bangalore
  5. Acharya Institute of Health Sciences | AIHS Bangalore
  6. Raja Rajeswari College Of Physiotherapy | RRCP Bangalore
  7. The Oxford College Of Physiotherapy | Bangalore
  8. Krupanidhi College Of Physiotherapy | Bangalore
  9. Sapthagiri Institute of Physiotherapy | Bangalore
  10. Padmashree Institute Of Physiotherapy | PIP Bangalore
  11. Department of Physiotherapy | Garden City University | Bangalore
  12. Gautham College Of Physiotherapy | GCP Bangalore
  13. Hillside College Of Physiotherapy | Bangalore
  14. Christian College Of Physiotherapy | Bangalore
  15. Rosy Royal College Of Physiotherapy | Bangalore

Bachelor of Physiotherapy: Career Prospects

Successful graduates of the course find gainful employment opportunities in both private and government sectors, besides having the option of pursuing private practice.

Graduates interested in pursuing higher studies in the discipline may go for pursuing Master of Physiotherapy or other higher certifications in any of the sub-specialties in the discipline.

Some of the popular professional avenues open to such graduates are mentioned below, along with the corresponding job responsibilities and average salary offered for each role.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

PhysiotherapistTo help patients suffering from difficulties with physical movement resulting from illness, injury, disability, or ageing to improve their movement, and devise and review treatment programs using manual therapy (such as massage), therapeutic exercise, and electrotherapy.INR 2 to 7 Lacs
LecturerTo teach at undergraduate and graduate levels in areas allocated and reviewed from time to time by the Head of Department.INR 2.5 to 6 Lacs
ResearcherThey work with other team members to identify project goals, research methods, and other test parameters, and offer recommendations on improving the techniques used.INR 3 to 7 Lacs
OsteopathThey treat patients by stimulating different areas of the body using a wide range of physical techniques such as touching, stretching, and massaging. The aim of these techniques is to increase the blood flow to the different parts of the body, and facilitate obstructed movement.INR 2.5 to 5 Lacs
ConsultantThey provide services directly to doctors or healthcare facilities, working for organizations, providing medical-consulting services.INR 2 to 5 Lacs

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