Arts & Humanities

Arts & Humanities

The arts and humanities are about how human beings express emotions and ideas. Arts subjects teach how to create things like drama, paintings and music. Humanities subjects study how these ideas have affected human culture and society. However, there is a lot of crossover between the two areas, as well as with social sciences like anthropology, and subjects like law and modern languages are sometimes also considered to be humanities.

Why study arts and humanities?

If you want to become a professional artist, musician, actor or writer, studying an arts course will give you many of the technical skills you need. Humanities courses do not train you for specific careers, but teach a range of skills such as literacy, research and communication that are useful in a wide range of jobs.

However, there’s much more to studying the arts and humanities than just preparing you for the world of work. Studying them will teach you creativity and different ways of thinking about yourself and the world, which will improve all areas of your life.


  1. Lady Shri Ram College (LSR) for Women, New Delhi
  2. Stephen’s College, New Delhi
  3. Christ University, Bangalore
  4. Loyola College, Chennai
  5. Miranda House, New Delhi
  6. Hansraj College, Delhi
  7. Madras Christian College (MCC), Chennai
  8. Hindu College, New Delhi
  9. Sri Ram College of Commerce(SRCC), Delhi
  10. Fergusson College  –  Pune
  11. Ramjas College  –  Delhi
  12. Indraprastha College for women  –  Delhi
  13. Stella Maris College  –  Chennai
  14. Sri Venkateswara College  –  Delhi
  15. Xavier’s College  –  Ahmedabad
  16. Jesus & Mary College (JMC)  –  Delhi
  17. Francis College for Women  –  Hyderabad
  18. K J Somaiya College of Arts & Commerce  –  Mumbai
  19. Mount Carmel College  –  Bangalore
  20. Women’s Christian College  –  Chennai

Arts & Humanities Search, is a citation index, with abstracting and indexing for more than 1,700 arts and humanities journals, and coverage of disciplines that includes social and natural science journals. Part of this database is derived from Current Contents records. Furthermore, the print counterpart is Current Contents.

Subjects covered are the Arts, Humanities, Language (including Linguistics), Poetry, Music, Classical works, History, Oriental Studies, Philosophy, Archaeology, Architecture, History, Religion, Television, Theater, and Radio.

Available citation (source) coverage includes articles, letters, editorials, meeting abstracts, errata, poems, short stories, plays, music scores, excerpts from books, chronologies, bibliographies and filmographies, as well as citations to reviews of books, films, music, and theatrical performances.

This database can be accessed online through Web of Science. It provides access to current and retrospective bibliographic information and cited references. It also covers individually selected, relevant items from approximately 1,200 titles, mostly arts and humanities journals but with an unspecified number of titles from other disciplines

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